The Works

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Every product is unique, created with the knowledge of traditional design and high-quality craftsmanship, best expressed by the use of valuable materials sourced across the world and by combining artisanal methods with the manufacturing science of modern technology.

The collections offered by Casadora represent the perfect harmony between the classical past and the elegant present.

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“Managing every detail from concept to install, we offer 5-star service for your living environment.”

Casegoods, components and accessories are entirely produced at our factories, including processes such as lost wax casting, mother-of-pearl and brass inlays, classical upholstery and the most traditional handmade woodcarving.

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Private Villa Kitchen design

Casadora decisively add a playful and decorative flair to some of the most traditional designs to allow a wider audience to appreciate the rigorous lines of the most respected design styles, such as Baroque, Rococo and major decors by the Italian school of masters such as Maggiolini.