The People


GIUSEPPE NEGRI – Master Designer.

A life dedicated to furniture design & production in Milan, the heart of European luxury goods manufacturing, he worked with the most prestigious furniture brands such as Pozzoli and Provasi. A true Master at work, he still draws by hand both interior spaces, furniture and decorations in classical and mid-century styles, creating today new masterpieces for the modern times.

CARLO ZAVAGNO – Co Founder & General Director Italian.

Born and raised in Classical Studies, he lives and works in Vietnam for 3 decades, previously occupying positions such as General Manager of Saigon Fine Furniture, Vice President for Operations and Logistics at Theodore Alexander and then eventually establishing Casadora Furniture Corporation. His strengths are the ability to work with demanding clients for exclusive projects, first-hand knowledge of the International furniture markets and the experience in managing manufacturing and sourcing operations in Asia and Europe.

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Casadora’s Design Team is composed by senior Architects and talented interior Designers based in Ho Chi Minh City.

We will guide you through the professional execution of any scale of residential and commercial projects.

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